R&H Palm Range 2016 - Bedding, Soft Furnishings, Brass Home Decor – Raine and Humble (R&H) Australia

Palm Range

One of the best parts of our job is the amount of traveling it entails. We meet amazing people, are exposed to new and wonderful things, and see all sorts of climates. Most of these experiences end up in our designs in one way or another.Last year we were inspired by a sixteen hour stop over in Singapore, when we took the opportunity to walk around and experience a city that we usually breeze in and out of. We walked through and around the grand Raffels Hotel and fell in love.

The fusion of bright green tropical plants set against the beautiful British colonial architecture was breathtaking; the crisp white building was dappled with the black silhouettes of palm leaves. It was a beautiful oasis that I wanted to take home with me.Since returning, I’ve been working towards replicating that Singapore paradise in my  home, filling it with beautiful tropical plants. The new range has been complete and in the middle of winter, one can experience tropics at home.

The colours and textures we have used for this range reflect those we saw on our stop over: bold architectural stripes, fresh linen-look cottons, screen prints of palm trees and patterns inspired by the local culture - a mix grand and bold with a neutral base.The Palm Range is our summer day dream come to life.



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